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  • Some Quick Ways To Declutter Your Inbox (And The Real Mailbox As Well)
    Our lives seem to be so busy these days. One source that keeps us busy is dealing with both postal mail and email inboxes. It may not be getting […]
  • Using Technology To Assist With Care Giving
    Coordination Apps When it is more than just you helping to care for someone, a major issue becomes how to keep track of who said they would do what […]
  • How To Live With (But Not Love) Inflation
    Inflation. The big “I” word that everyone is hearing about this year. A large portion of our population has not experienced high inflation, since the last time the rate […]
  • Learning Money Management After A Major Life Change
    If your spouse currently handles all of the household finances, have you ever thought about what you would do if your spouse was not there to do those tasks? […]
  • Finding A Third-Party To Manage Household Finances
    As you know, I offer services as a Daily Money Manager (DMM) and support my clients by helping them with their household financial tasks. If you should find you […]
  • The Flow Of Money
    During our lifetime, we make financial goals. These might be short-term goals such as having enough money around to spend on car repairs or a summer vacation. Or they […]
  • Building A Spending Plan
    If you’ve said to yourself that you wanted to get a better handle on your household finances, I’m sure you’ve seen the suggestion that you should create a budget. […]
  • Another Way To Stop Money Leaking
    Earlier this year, I wrote about a way to save money that involved reviewing and removing subscription apps on your phone as well as other auto-renewing subscriptions that you […]
  • Start Off On The Right Foot With An Emergency Fund
    If you received a bill in the mail tomorrow, that you were not expecting, and it said you owed $400, would it be a financial hardship to pay that […]

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