Image of room of furnishings by Mikes-Photography from Pixabay

Your Parent’s Furnishings Are Worth What!?

In another post, I talked about downsizing while you or your parents are still able. As baby boomer’s parents (and boomers themselves) start to downsize, the question becomes what to do with all the furniture that has to go? Can you get any money by selling those furnishings? The realistic […]

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gold bars representing lost money

How to Find Lost Money – For Free

Do you remember every financial account you’ve had over the years?  Have you moved around a fair amount?  Surprisingly, someone might want to give you some lost money money back, but they don’t know how to find you!  Seriously, that’s the case with money or property in accounts where the […]

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How Good Are You at Spotting Any Scam?

Pre-Paid Cards One technique that is used that should be a red flag is any payment method that is immediate such as wiring money or the use of pre-paid cards of some type. If someone calls and threatens you with arrest but wants you to buy a pre-paid card to […]

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Image of person writing in book by StockSnap from Pixabay

Being Fair to the Children With Your Possessions

As we age, we seem to accumulate more and more “stuff.”  One problem that can occur when someone passes away is what to do with the personal possessions.  What happens if more than one child wants the same thing?  Many families have gone through difficult struggles and fights about the […]

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man writing reports

Are You Prepared to Leave This World?

Nobody really wants to think about what happens after they die, but those left behind will have to deal with what is left (after all, you cannot take it with you)! I know that none of us want to think about these situations but the time to think about these […]

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Pile of cluttered papers on a desk

Resources to Help When Life Gets Complicated

In the last blog entry, I discussed how things we consider to be rather simple tasks can become more complicated as we age. Also mentioned was how resources such as additional home services can handle these tasks and allow someone to continue to live in their home rather than moving […]

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Older man sitting in chair

When Life Gets Complicated

One of the things that happen naturally as we age is that our minds age as well and tasks that seemed really easy start to feel more and more complicated. Most people wouldn’t think of these as tasks that are all that hard, but for an older person these can […]

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