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  • The Slippery Slope of a Caregiver’s Time
    In 2018, Barron’s had a cover article on the costs of caregiving. What was interesting to me was that it wasn’t primarily covering the costs for the person needing […]
  • How Not to Kill Your Wallet This Holiday Season
    There have been some interesting surveys recently taking a look at spending this holiday season. In a survey done by, almost two-thirds (57%) who already have credit card […]
  • Dark Pattern Websites – Messing With Your Mind
    Marketing has changed with the shift to online web sites for sales. But the psychology of marketing used by businesses is still to try to get you to purchase […]
  • It’s a Matter of Trust
    “Elders are being asked to trust providers, who are all strangers in the beginning, while concurrently being urged to be more discerning about the strangers they trust. An interesting […]
  • Aging-in-Place Challenges
    For older adults, life can be divided into two phases. The first is the early post-retirement phase. This is often what we think of as the “Golden Years” as […]
  • Pay Yourself First When It Comes To Student Debt – Not Your Children
    When it comes to paying for your children’s university education, most parents want to help their children start off right by helping them with their student debt. This might […]
  • Is Your Charity Skimming the Money You Give Them?
    If a charity is skimming money off the books, then it isn’t going to be a charity for very long. But that isn’t the type of skimming I’m referring […]
  • Is Your Wallet or Purse Leaking Your Hard-Earned Money With Autopay?
    Each year when I go to renew the subscription for my antivirus software I am given the fine print on checkout that my account is on autopay and each […]
  • What if You Were Hit by a Truck (or Hit a Truck?)
    In my first job out of college, I made friends with another co-worker who had just started work a few months before I did.  Along with other new hires […]

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