Triad Personal Paperwork Services provides daily money management, the managing of your household finances, so that you can focus on your interests, family and friends. Whether you (or a loved one) needs help figuring things out, or if you just don’t want to spend your time dealing with the household finances, we can give you that time back by doing it for you. Our services can make your life easier, regardless of your situation. We work in-person with clients in New Castle County, Delaware and Chester County, Pennsylvania.  We can also work with clients remotely if not local to this area.

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Our Services:

  • Review bills and credit card statements for errors and fraud
  • Pay bills: electronically or prepare checks for client signature
  • Review and process incoming mail: junk mail, bills, solicitations for donations, personal mail, etc.
  • Balance the checkbook
  • Create income and spending reports
  • Create a budget
  • Review and explain investment or brokerage statements
  • Organize financial paperwork
  • Gather tax paperwork for the tax preparer
  • Be a second pair of eyes to provide peace of mind
  • Money management education for those who want to learn
  • Provide guidance on questionable telephone calls or emails to prevent scams
  • Review bills for potential cost savings
man writing reports

Our Clients:

  • Older Adults who may need additional support as they age and managing the household finances becomes challenging.
  • Families who don’t want to spend the time doing the household finances and want to focus on their family’s activities.
  • Recent College Graduates who might be out on their own for the first time and want to learn how to manage their money and avoid late payments.
  • Busy Professionals who travel frequently or have an intense schedule and don’t have the time to pay bills.
  • Less Financially Savvy people who want to learn about budgeting and household finances and organization.
  • Widows or Widowers whose spouse used to pay all the bills and who now have to suddenly learn how to manage the household finances.
  • Persons Recovering From Injury or Illness who find it challenging to focus on healing and continue to manage the household finances. A daily money manager can help on a short-term basis until the person has recovered and is ready to resume handling the finances.

What Others Are Saying:

We provide daily money management service to many local areas including, but not limited to: Wilmington, Hockessin, Newark, Chadds Ford, West Chester, Avondale, Oxford and Kennett Square.